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Director's Photo The Maple Tree is a School that has been set up with a definitive purpose of preparing the child of tomorrow a little differently from the child of yesterday. It aims to make a fundamental shift in the way we think about how to teach children. This shift moves from a ‘one size fits all’ approach, to one that appreciates and caters to the needs and uniqueness of every individual child in order to unlock their potential.

The School has grown from only 49 children in 2011 to 450 in 2015. If we are to zero in on one single factor for this success, it would be that we focus on the process of learning and growth, rather than on results. We strive to provide an environment that gives children the dexterity to think creatively, critically, work collaboratively, and be able to communicate their thoughts. We implement a model of education, rooted in 21st century learning skills, imagination and discovery. I believe that if you have such a process in place, results will inevitably follow.

Our classroom experience is one of excitement and challenge, founded on critical questions. How do we make sure that each child becomes an independent learner? How do we move children from an environment based on rote, repetition and fear to one where they are exploring, self learning and building confidence? How do we move teachers from a radio type of a classroom, where teachers occupy most of the talk time, to a place where children do most of the talking?

We implement a comprehensive curriculum aimed at leveraging learning not only for a few but for ALL children. Our deeply researched lesson plans generate motivation and curiosity to learn in both children and teachers. They promote a deep understanding of concepts and lead to successful learning experiences. They build confidence in children, and a keen understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses. The smartest kids in school are not the ones who have the right answers, but the right questions.

We, at The Maple Tree School, believe that education is a shared responsibility. Therefore an effective parent-teacher partnership, which can make a significant difference in a child’s education, is critical for us. The school is very clear that in cases where parents are not interested in contributing to this partnership, even after repeated feedback, we would not hesitate to sever the relationship by requesting them to withdraw their wards.

Ultimately, what keep us going are the changes that we see in our children. The shy child gaining the confidence to speak out; their curiosity to learn new things; the stress free environment in which they function; the initiatives they take in carrying out tasks; the enthusiasm they show in coming to school; the way they look at school as a fun place. This reinforces the belief that we are moving in the right direction.

We live in a world that is rapidly changing. Studies by organizations like Mac Arthur Foundation suggest that 65 % of our early grade children will end up doing jobs that have not been invented yet. We need to prepare our children to respond creatively and bravely to whatever shows up in their future, by training them in skills, flexibility and adaptability to meet new challenges. Equally important to this is the need to impart to each child the deeply rooted hope that “I can excel in this world”. Cherishing each child’s passions, dreams and interests is imperative. This child of tomorrow must have a cultural upbringing that leads them to greater awareness and understanding of the different realities that are shaping society. We need to raise them to dream big, and think different.

Sanen Imchen
Founder & Director
03862 - 248323

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